Advantages of LED display in outdoor advertising

With the development of economy and society, the types of outdoor advertising have shown diversified trend, especially LED outdoor display is becoming more and more popular. What are the advantages of them? Here is a brief introduction:

1.Fixed position, area flag

In general, outdoor LED screen must be selected for a fixed space for display. Because of this characteristic, VISS outdoor LED screen can cause high attention rate with its strong visual impact, and become a geographical indication of the urban area. Thus the information is repeatedly transmitted to the consumers at a fixed time and place.

2.Presentation in varied forms

The outdoor LED screen utilizes its superb sound and light technology, can display various graphic animations through the control of computer. It can display both static and dynamic images, and display brilliant effects all day long.

3.Diversified combination, strong plasticity

In addition to its own creative design splicing, LED screen can also be combined with other materials, applied in the same advertisement or information by multiple combination design. And it looks dynamic and pleasing to the eye.

4.High arrival rate and good communication effect

The outdoor LED screen is straightforward and concise, and can be used to post advertisements and other information 24 hours a day, with high frequency of transmission. In addition, for a specific target audience in a fixed area, an ideal arrival rate can be created to achieve good communication results through strategic media arrangements and distribution.

LED display is outstanding in outdoor advertising. VISS SE series transparent screen is the most cost-effective solution for long viewing distance advertising and for setting a creative atmosphere. Please contact us for more information.