InfoComm 2018: VISS display launches versatile display solutions for the rental market

From June 6th to 8th, InfoComm 2018 was held in Las Vegas, attracting nearly 43000 registered attendees, 10% more than the last time held in Las Vegas in 2016. During the exhibition, VISS display demonstrated innovative, easy-to-use display solutions for the rental market. They are mainly versatile ES5 and SE55H.

ES series is a cross over(competent for both corporate events and touring jobs) product that comes with frames and dollies derived from VISS’ professional touring system VX Plus of which 1000sqm same batch has been existing in the US market, The great user experience of ES series comes not only from the look, the touch and the way it works, but also from its heat dissipation and service designs which ensure you stable and reliable performance. SE series can be curved, rolled, hung and folded, or you can use the LED strips alone. Just use your imagination; you will be amazed by what you can do with it. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to build a large screen with great effect, SE series must be the help for you. In fact, we have done many outdoor fixed installation projects with SE55H too, simply because it saves a huge amount of money on the conventional expensive steel structures.