LED display combined with emerging technologies create an audio-visual feast

With the development of the performing arts market, in order to stand out in many performances, the event organizers and LED manufacturers have made great efforts to break through the identity of the LED display “background” and integrate the LED display perfectly in the performance. LED display combines with holographic projection, naked eye 3D, VR and other emerging technologies to create an unparalleled audio-visual feast for the public!

LED screen and stage manipulator unlock the changing stage shape. For example, Qlimax 2018 was held at the GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands with the theme “The Game Changer”. The main stage of the mechanical geisha, the face was divided into three parts, which can be used for opening and closing to change the stage shape.

LED screen and holographic projection create a cool and cool experience. Like the stage of this year’s Aubrey & the Three Amigos Tour, during the midfield performance, Drake’s visual stage turned the stage into a basketball court through the interactive form of projection and laser, and the basketball hoop landed on the stage. As the lines on the court were lit up, they even had a shooting game in the middle.

The visual interaction between the LED screen and the naked eye 3D/AR shows a combination of virtual and real. For example, the ultimate music festival of the 3rd Anniversary of “Glory of the King”! In the stage art, the gorgeous red and blue stage effects have been carefully designed, including modern elements such as AR and symphony, as well as elements of traditional Chinese culture such as Dunhuang Feitian. There was a musical feast that was full of hearing, sight and feeling.

With the emergence of new technologies, both stage designers and audiences are pursuing a more flaming, explosive and impact stage presentation. Therefore, more creative and special-shaped splicing appears on LED display , and its integration with new technologies has naturally become the mainstream trend in current dance field, making it a highly technological sense both in stage shape and performance. In the future, we also look forward to the combination of more technologies, showing a more shocking visual experience.