Improve the stability of stage rental LED screen

Nowadays, LED displays are frequently used in large events such as advertising, performances, parties, and press conference, especially the rental series of live events. In order to achieve various display effects, it is necessary to frequently change the display splicing shape, and the requirements for the display are not only easy to install and debug, but also have high stability. So how to improve the stability of stage rental LED screen? The following is explained from three aspects: material selection, system control scheme, and real-time monitoring of the working status of the display.

  • The key materials to determine the stability of the display screen are LED lamp, driver IC, power supply, power signal connector and excellent structure design. Our material selection requirements: internationalrenowned brands, higher than the industry standard requirements for the relevant tests and requirements of the various protection functions.
  • Each part of the system control scheme has a hot backup function, including video transmission, receiving equipment , signal transmission cable and so on. Itcan ensure that the system can automatically diagnose and switch to the standby device at an extremely fast speed when an unexpected situation occurs in a certain part of the system. The entire switching process will not affect the display effect of the scene.
  • The working state of the display can be monitored by computer in real time, including the working state oftemperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan and etc. It can automatically adjust to various processing conditions, providing location and alarms for anomalies.

All in all, improving the stability of the display should be considered in all aspects, such as material selection, hardware design, system control scheme and etc.