VISS ES series: the cross over product for both events and touring jobs

With the rapid development of LED display technology, the technical level and maturity of LED display devices are getting higher and higher, and the related fields are becoming more and more extensive. The most dazzling should be a variety of LED displays. They are presented in a variety of elaborate pictures and dynamic video frames, which are seamlessly spliced together from the top, bottom, left and right sides of the stage to form a near-perfect stage space. VISS ES series often installed as a cool stage shape, which is the cross over product for both events and touring jobs because of its fast installation and stable display.

This was an event designed by Maktive at Pechanga Arena San Diego in November. In order to create a dazzling stage atmosphere, the ES6 screens were spliced into several geometric shapes. This squares on the sides gave the effect of the stage surrounding and extending into the crowd, allowing everyone to feel involved. VISS ES6 series tiles are made of carbon fiber and are equipped with professional level touring frames and dollies for quick installation. The heat dissipation channel can efficiently dissipate heat and support stable playback for a long time.

“Viss Lighting’s ES6 LED panels are designed for reliable performance in a variety of settings.These lightweight, bright panels are easily installed and allow for curved display options, making them the Maktive go-to.”Maktive commented.