In 2019, will the outdoor advertising market be still the key development market for LED display companies?

Recently, Huawei’s “50 billion” advertisement broadcast on the Burj Khalifa, which is a hot topic of concern people around the world. The three-minute interweaving of light and shadow is not only the charm that Burj Khalifa can give, but also the unique soul that LED display can give as an important outdoor information transmission carrier.

LED display has been developed in the outdoor advertising market for more than ten years. Due to its large area and large visual impact, large outdoor LED screens are more attractive to the public than billboards and other products. It is a new combination of media and high technology. Today, outdoor advertising LED display has become the darling of outdoor media. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the outdoor advertising market has become a hot market for many LED display manufacturers. Some insiders predict that the market size of outdoor LED displays will reach 100 billion in the future. This assertion is like thunder and thunder, which is both exciting and tense. Undoubtedly, the outdoor advertising market in 2019 must become a key development market for LED display companies.

In the future, with the further improvement of outdoor products, outdoor LED screen can be integrated with the city, which not only does not damage the city’s appearance, but also adds to the charm of the city, injecting tremendous vitality into the city. Burj Khalifa is a typical case. The huge area of LED display covering the tower has become a symbol of the city and creates great commercial value for Dubai. Nowadays, the outdoor advertising market is becoming more standardized, and the potential market for outdoor LED screen has been further explored, bringing new business opportunities for the development of LED display.