Let’s look at how stunning the high-tech LED stage art design is?

With the diversification of LED application places, the integration of new technologies and ideas including 3D, VR and AR and LED screens on the digital stage are designs results in greater innovations and more extensive applications of rental LED screens.

Recently, teamLab, a Japan’s technical and art team, has combined projection, sound and well-designed space (background of large LED screens) through a set of complex algorithms to generate images in real time, thus creating an immersive stage experience. With 3D projection and large LED screens, a land of idyllic beauty is presented. All works are changing constantly, producing visual effects in real time. The visual state that has emerged can never be copied nor reappear. Every picture you see on the stage is sole and non-replicable.

In order to meet the higher requirements of the end user for visual experience, the LED screen technology in the field of digital stage design is undergoing continuous innovation, the rental products are undergoing constant diversification, small pitch displays and transparent screens are successively put into use, all of which are creating more possibilities for rental LED screens in digital stage art designs.