2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival: A visual feast, missed a year!

The 2018 Guangzhou International Light Festival officially kicked off last night, November 26. There are four main exhibitions this year being held at Huacheng Square, several of the Guangzhou bridges that cross the Pearl River, Zhujiang New Town’s ‘connection corridors’ and a sub-venue in Huangpu District. The Canton Tower Light Show with the theme of “Time Power”, together with 300 drones performance and the art lighting works of Huacheng Square, tells the world a story of Guangzhou in the 40 years of reform and opening up.

Each bridge features a different theme pertaining to Guangzhou’s history, culture, development and more. At the Huangpu venue, a 133-meter-long glass screen is on display, projecting the eastern district’s famed picture scrolls. These lights and screens art display with various styles and characteristics near different observation points in Guangzhou, also offer visitors a feast of sight and sound. The dazzling performance of LED lights and displays make us admire and confident in the future of the industry. At the end of the year, VISS has launched a special-shaped outdoor rental screen EL series(90°,10°,5°), adhering to our aim of providing creativity and quality to our clients. If you are interested, please contact our sales team for more information.