Explore the future development trend of LED display

With the shaped LED screen, stage LED screen are widely used in the field of commercial display, the future commercial market is broad and huge. According to data from the OFweek Industry Research, in 2018,the market size of LED display in China reached ¥20 billion, with a growth rate of 15 %. Let’s explore the future trends of future LED display development.

First, the trend towards energy-saving.

Energy saving and environmental protection has always been a new proposition for future life; LED itself is a new generation of solid cold light source, soft color, bright, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, and is a green and environmentally friendly product. But when they are made into an LED display, the power consumption is not small. The big LED screen consists of a lot of pixels. Reducing the power consumption of LED display and realizing energy saving must be the most important development trend of LED display.

Second, the trends toward thin and light.

The thin and light cabinet is an inevitable trend to replace the iron cabinet. The weight of the iron cabinet in the past is not low, plus the weight of steel structure, the overall is very heavy. In this way, many buildings are difficult to bear such heavy attachments. The load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not easy to bear, and it is not easy to disassemble and transport, the cost is greatly increased. Therefore, the thinness of cabinet is a trend that all manufacturers have to update.

Third, the trend towards patent protection.

The LED industry is highly competitive. As the industry slowly matures and regulates, it is also an inevitable development trend of the LED large-screen industry to protect its intellectual property rights and intangible assets through patent application.

Fourth, the trend towards rapid and accurate splicing

This is mainly for the rental LED display. Their characteristic is that it is often disassembled and assembled to meet the temporary needs, so the cabinets must be able to be spliced quickly and accurately. The PX series rental LED screen is ultra-light, ultra-thin and quick to install. The thinner and lighter the LED rental screen is more convenient to transport, it can also save more costs. Fast and accurate installation also saves labor and time costs and meets the needs of the rental market.