Chinese LED display the 337 investigation case wins

Event background

On March 27, 2018, Ultravision Technologies, LLC, of Dallas, TX (hereinafter referred to as the plaintiff company) filed an application with the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) in accordance with Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (referred to as Section 337). The LED display that accused the export to the United States, imported in the United States or was sold in the United States infringed its patent rights, and requested the USITC to issue a general exclusion order and a prohibition order. These included 11 Chinese display companies, Barco in Belgium, NEC and Panasonic in Japan.

On May 24, 2018, the USITC voted to initiate the 337 investigation (survey code: 337-TA-1114) of certain modular LED display panels and components thereof.

On February 21, 2019, the USITC issued a notice stating that the 337 investigation(survey code: 337-TA-1114) part of the certain modular LED display panels and components thereof in China was finalized:

The preliminary judgment (Order No. 29) made by the administrative judge in this case on January 31, 2019 will not be reviewed, that is, based on the withdrawal request submitted by the applicant, terminating the investigation in its entirety.