New Year’s new inventory: Who makes LED display scene experience richer

In the LED display industry, the combination of LED display and VR / AI / 3D technologies has not been a novelty, especially with the LED small-pitch display, transparent screen and other technologies and VR / AI / 3D technologies integration applications, now LED immersive scenes has become more interesting and interesting. Let’s take a look at how fun the LED display is with the development of new technology applications.

Tencent Sports’ Sanlitun Smart Stadium

There were “superstars” on the LED billboards in the venue. In the “air football dance” session, participants got a more immersive course experience. Your 3D avatar could swing with Messi and Bailey. . This was the result of using Tencent cloud AI face fusion technology to achieve “3D video fusion” by Tencent Sports.

MSG Sphere – Future immersive entertainment center

According to the reports, Madison Square Garden is building a future immersive entertainment center – MSG Sphere. Its great feature will be a 15,000-square-meter spherical LED display that combines AI/VR/ technologies to provide an extremely immersive audiovisual experience for musicals, concerts, sports events, trade shows, etc.

Tidal sound release night 2019

The entire stage design was a state of balance and asymmetry. The stage was composed of a large number of geometric elements, with a clear sense of hierarchy. The bright colors, the visual overlay of the main LED screen and LED dance floor, and shining stage lighting were integrated to create a dynamic and instant dimension world.

At present, LED display solutions based on VR/AI/3D technologies have been widely used in the fields of stage, monitoring room, medical, simulation training, education training, etc. The participation of VR/AI/3D technologies not only brings higher scene simulation realism, but also reduces trial costs and shortens the production process by replacing real scenes. It also makes some difficult scene realizations become reality. In the future, VR/ AI/3D technologies will definitely bring more development space to the LED display industry!