With the booming and development of the entertainment and e-sports industry, the rental LED screen market has become a new direction for industrial development.

In recent years, the entertainment industry has developed rapidly, the business model has been continuously innovated, and the content has become more diverse. The booming and development of the entertainment and e-sports industry has shown attractive market opportunities and broad market prospects for large-screen LED displays, making the mid- to high-end rental LED display market a new trend for industrial development. rental LED screen products tend to be more and more clear and versatile, with multiple screens, quick and safe installation, easy maintenance, light weight and thin cabinet. This year VISS launched a new generation of rental LED screen PX series, which is in line with these characteristics.

PX series is designed for the events. It comes in tiles of 500x500mm, 6.8kg, and 500x1000mm, 11kg; These two lightweight tiles can be used together to make your designs more flexible. Meanwhile, its curved and 90° right-angle splicing can make a variety of shapes that creates a cool stage effect. Now PX series is available in stock. For more information, please contact us.