Small-pitch LED display grows in a blowout situation

At present, the demand of digitalized, visualized, informatized and intellectualized integrated intelligent government administration is increasing day by day. With its advantages of light weight, easy installation, wide application range, fast production speed and long service life, small-pitch LED display quickly captures the market share of digital light processing projection technology (DLP) and large-scale LCD.

Benefiting from the declining cost and the maturing solutions, the penetration of small-pitch LED displays in security, transportation, energy, military and other professional display markets will continue to increase. With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, the replacement of small-pitch LED display for electronic whiteboards, laser projection, advertising machines, DLP, LCD splicing screens will be further accelerated, and applications in emerging fields such as conference rooms, education, and movie will also be gradually opened. Such a broad market has also attracted many manufacturers of module wholesales to join the small-pitch product sales team, and small-pitch products have entered the channel field, greatly expanding the scale of production and sales of small-pitch products.

As the increase in penetration rate in the commercial field, the promotion of laminating technology, the growing of overseas small-pitch LED display market, small-pitch LED display will continue to grow at a high speed in the market and show its talents in more fields in the future.