VISS PX Series: A new generation of rental LED display

VISS specializes in the development of creative and rental LED displays to provide superior service for our customers. With the arrival of 2019, the new generation of rental LED display–PX series has been coming. VISS PX series, which is simple and generous, stable and reliable, is more in line with the demands of the contemporary society for simplicity.

PX series is ultra-light and ultra-thin, and its advantages in the rental market are obvious.

1.Fast Lock:One man installation; Auto-lock system brings you the quickest installation experience ever.

2.Curved and 90° right-angle splicing:The cabinet  with the design of 45°bevel edges can be spliced as both right-angle and concave & convex screens.

3.Front / Rear maintenance:Due to its friendly modular design, maintenance of module and power box is convenient and fast.

4.Mix sizes to achieve flexible installation:PX series comes in tiles of 500x500mm, 6.8kg, and 500x1000mm, 11kg;
These two tiles can be used together to make your designs more flexible.

It is designed for the activities of mainstream market, with a wide range of applications, such as auto shows, stage performances, etc. We have been equipped with spot, to achieve fast and efficient delivery. Such a cost-effective spot LED display meets your demanding needs. For more information,please contact us.