VISS VX5 PLUS touring system at the yo! MTV raps

The network kicked things off with the Yo! MTV Raps: 30th Anniversary Experience, a giant concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on June 1, 2018. And it really leaned into the nostalgia, featuring performances from an extensive lineup of artists who appeared on the show’s original run from 1988 to 1995.

VISS VX5 PLUS touring system served the show. VX5 PLUS is a professional touring system with real touring frames made by CNC machining which guarantees the safety of climbing and wind load capacity. Its classic locking system, giant installation pins, and all metal panels give you a real easy and robust product that makes your jobs extremely fast and secure. Thanks to these really user friendly designs, VX PLUS offers customers the quickest service among all outdoor products, plus, It is a platform rather than a product, which means with the identical frames, you can swap different modules from 5mm to 9mm, solid and mesh, which is ideal for rental companies who want to upgrade their inventory or to have different screens with much less budgets. Last but not the least, there are 1000m² of VX5 PLUS from the same batch now available in the US market; we hope they can serve your jobs someday too.