LED screens create 360-degree hypercube stages of vocal concerts

Recent years have witnessed a flourishing trend of China’s entertainment industry. The vigorous growth of cultural activities and performances nationwide has promoted the application of LED screens in stage art designs. Today, let us take Jacky Cheung’s “A CLASSIC TOUR” vocal concert as an example to perceive the charm of LED screens.

LED Screens Create 360-Degree Hypercube Stages of Vocal Concerts2700

The stage design of the tour features full mechanical control of wonderful pictures preferred by Jacky Cheung with high production specifications. The number of LED screens ranks top among all Asian concerts. The stage table is composed of multi-layer LED structures, and each layer can be disassembled into multiple LED cubes, which are of designs like arcs, circles, triangles. Combined with LED floor, color screens and flexible screens, the LED cubes go up and down, or join together with each song. The ever-changing effects of the laser beams on the stage are turned into a tunnel of time and space, giving the audience a fabulous visual feast. Bringing classics together and creating classics, the special effects bring people back to their youth in familiar songs!