EC series

EC series is not just functional,but also aesthetic,VISS' add-on value for our clients.
Concave and convex with easy operations;
Tool-less and quick service from rear;
Fast and accurate assembly;
Rotated installations possible.


AX series

All metal is superior.One of the main reasons why iPhone feels so much better than other cheaper phones, and it makes heat dissipation much better as well.
Super concise;
Real flat.


ES series

ES series comes with frames and dollies derived from the well recognized VX Plus touring system, which makes your installation super fast and easy.
Its heat dissipation and service designs ensure you stable and reliable performance.


NX series

NX series is believed to be the lightest dance floor in the market, with lower transportation costs, and it offers maximum 1200kg loading capacity per sqm.


vx series

Safety is the first policy for outdoor applications.CNC machining not only makes the product premium, but more importantly, safer.Wind load testing has been done by professional lab in Europe.



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